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At Yeager LaNasa Tauzier, LLC, we provide representation and consultation to individuals as well as businesses in the construction industry.  We have attorneys who have handled cases ranging from small claims disputes to construction defect matters involving multi-million dollar projects.  We work with all types of parties involved in construction disputes.  Over the years, our attorneys have worked with Architects, Engineers, Employees/Independent Contractors, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Developers, Surveyors, Property Owners, Property Managers, Material Suppliers and Product Manufacturers.  Common types of cases we have handled include:

  • Lawsuits arising from the use of substandard materials by a developer, contractor or subcontractor that does not fit for its intended use;
  • Damage caused by a contractor or subcontractor failing to comply with the design plans or specifications;
  • Multi-party disputes filed by Homeowners' Associations and/or Condominium Associations against the developer, architect, engineer, contractor, subcontractor and product supplier/manufacturer;
  • Payment disputes arising between a project owner (municipality, state, non-profit, or private) and the contractor based upon either completion of the work, delays during the construction process or substandard work;
  • Negligent performance by the contractor or subcontractor;
  • Negligent design by the architect or engineer(s);
  • Disputes involving control of an employee or independent contractor;
  • Insurance coverage disputes that arise under Commercial General Liability and/or Error & Omission insurance policies;
  • Subrogation claims by an insurance carrier against an architect, engineer, contractor, subcontractor or property owner; and
  • Personal injury claims that arise from construction errors and/or omissions that lead to safety issues.

Our attorneys have experience defending the interests of design professionals, including architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers, land surveyors, and many others.  Our background involves assisting and counseling general contractors as well as subcontractors in  disputes arising from construction defects, payment, critical path issues, default and contract interpretation.

We stand ready to serve the needs of developers and property owners (residential, commercial, or industrial) when a potential construction issue arises.  We have experience working with industry professionals in conducting site inspections to determine if a potential issue is a valid one.  An early inspection can often be the key in identifying the source of a potential fire hazards, leak or other defect.  When a construction problem arises, time is always of the essence to ensure the problem does not get worse.   We are ready to be on scene 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Our attorneys have worked with clients in addressing various construction issues including water intrusion, mold growth, mold removal, design defects, substandard materials (such as Chinese drywall or other types of defective products), negligence performance (deviating from the proper designs or specifications), value engineering and many other types of claims.  Occasionally, the deficiencies become evident immediately.  Often times, a small error made during construction is revealed years later.  It is of the utmost importance to address the issues as soon as it is discovered - whether it is the developer, owner, subcontractor, general contractor or design professional.  We work with all of our clients to ensure there are no delays in identifying the problem.  Aside from the problem making damage worse, there are a number of laws that can limit a party's recovery as a matter of law (statutes of limitation vary by trade and location).  Delays can lead to lost insurance coverage or the ability to pursue a company that may have become insolvent.

We provide services to our clients after disputes have arisen, but we also work with our clients to develop the best practices to avoid litigation whenever practical.  We work with clients in reviewing contracts, leases and other documentation governing various types of projects.  We also counsel clients on the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including mediation and arbitration.  Our attorneys have been involved with hundreds of mediations.

Our attorneys also consult with individuals and businesses in the construction industry on employment practice related issues.  We have the experience necessary in assisting with employer hiring, termination and in developing employment agreements.  We handle matters involving independent contractor/employee issues, employee termination, wrongful termination, whistleblower claims, discrimination complaints, wage and hour/overtime disputes, potential workplace harassment, and non-compete agreements.  These involve claims before the EEOC, National Labor Relations Board, Department of Labor as well as in state and federal courts.  We have drafted employment agreements, consulted with employees/employers regarding their rights under employment agreements and litigated over the enforceability of non-competition agreements.

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