Family is the most important.  For that reason, family planning is a vital part of a person's life.  At Yeager LaNasa Tauzier, LLC, we provide services in a wide variety of family law issues, ranging from adoptions and wills to no contest divorce proceedings.

Losing a loved one is never easy.  At YLT, we provide the personalized attention that our clients require in these delicate times.  Our cost effective services are intended to preserve as much of the estate as possible for the loved ones trying to make their way through this process.  We provide free notary services and will work all parties necessary to complete successions whether the decedent died with or without a will.  We provide services throughout the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

We also work with clients who unfortunately become embroiled in a disputes following the death of a close friend or relative.  We handle cases involving will contests, forced heirship issues, probate litigation and trust litigation.  Sometimes disputes arise regarding what some relatives may perceive as a former guardian or caregiver taking advantage of an elderly or incapacitated relative.  We are ready to work with concerned family members with concerns about this type of abuse.

Whether you have a succession that needs to be opened or you want to ensure your rights are preserved in an ongoing estate or succession, please give us a call for a free consultation. 


A small succession is a succession of a person leaving property in Louisiana with a gross value of $75,000.00 or less in value as of the date of death.  As of 2011, there is no distinction regarding whether the succession has real estate as an asset or not. 


A simple possession involves having all documents generally filed at one time.  The succession is opened and closed in one day.  If no administration is necessary because no estate taxes are due, no creditors demand an administration and all heirs accept the succession, an Affidavit of Death and Heirship is filed to initiate the succession.  If the decedent dies with a will (testate), a Petition is filed with the Court to request probate.  A list of assets and liabilities is filed.  Any outstanding debts are settled.  A Petition is filed asking to place the successors into possession of their part of the estate.  Finally, the Judge signs the Judgment of Possession which places the heirs into possession of the decedent's property.


As of today, a forced heir is any child of deceased who is under the age of 24 years.  Once a child reaches age 24, he or she is no longer a forced heir.  A forced heir can also be a child, regardless of age, who is permanently disabled.  In short, a child could reach the age of 24, become unfortunately disabled at a later age, and become a forced heir again.  Forced heirs include descendants who, at the time of death of the decedent, have, according to medical documentation, an inherited, incurable disease or condition that may render them incapable of caring for their persons or administering their estates in the future.

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